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Köszönjük, hogy személyi jövedelemadójának 1% -ával támogatja programjaink megvalósulását.

Orkesztika Alapítvány adószáma: 19701840-1-43

- Surprising nights at the Art of Movement Studio



Do you know that you can contribute to our work with as little as 1 HUF offering 1% of your income tax? So please do not hesitate to do so.

With such offering we can carry out public activities which cannot be operated from any tender related ressources.

We would like to thank everybody who supported the Orkesztika Foundation with 1% of their taxes (tax number: 19701840-1-43).

Since 2001 our Foundation spends the offered amounts on the infrastructural development of the research program related to the heritage of Hungarian eurhytmics.

In accordance with the above we have spent

HUF 74 006 received in 2001 on a photoprinter,

HUF 45 385 received in 2002 on a scanner,

HUF 51 946 received in 2003 on a video digitalization equipment

and HUF  85 440 received in 2004 on organizing the exhibition titled "the dawn of modern dance in Hungary" .

We would like to thank you for the amount of HUF  90 943 offered in 2005 and all of your previous offers.

Representing the Orkesztika Foundation:

Márk Fenyves, head of the advisory board

az Orkesztika Alapítvány  - Szóló Tánc és Duó Tánc Fesztivál programjaKiadványainkGyűjteményes :)az 1912-ben alapított 1997-ben újralapított Duncan-Dienes Orkesztikai Iskolalinkekvendégkönyvünka Magyar Mozdulatművészeti Társulat - Még 1 Mozdulatszínház


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